Hi, my name is Anita and welcome to my Blog. From modern day medicine to old wives tales, plants have always been an important link to our well being. I grow quite a few of the more common herbs, as well as some spices, and have often used the recipes written by herbalists to help keep my family and myself healthy. I am hoping to learn to be a qualified herbalist one day and so, invite you to join me on my journey of learning by sharing any stories, or old wives you may have concerning the subject. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy reading the information on my Blog, but please be mindful that I am not qualified and as such I am only inviting further discussion.

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Welcome and thank you for visiting my page.  By clicking on the tabs above, or to the side, you should be able to find out about the Burdfield family and their links to other family names e.g. Dendy or Parker.  I have included some information about the places where they have lived, in particular Itchingfield…

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